Monday, December 31, 2007

Vote of thanks!

Thank you O for yesterday night!
Coz I shall always cherish this New Year for it brought more than just an overwhelming celebration... Nearly after a year I was able to go footloose, completely wild, let my hair down and dance as though no watched.
Thank you O for yesterday night!
Coz for me it was liberation of suppressed expression of exultation. It was like striping off my soul of all bondages and allowing it to run rampant on a feral binge. ..without circumscribing the flow of my adrenalin.
Thank you O for yesterday night!
Coz you didn’t stop me from going adrift my rational senses. You let me be myself- without judging me, without restricting me...allowing me in my body and spirit to soar high… much higher than the alcohol that trickled down my throat…
Thank you O for yesterday night!
Coz you gifted me with a cathartic experience that has detoxed my mind for a fresh new onset!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just me at my pesimistic best!

Frivolous thoughts flood my mind
Misery has been so unkind
For I have sauntered far away, far far away from my comfort confines.
I cannot go back, for if I do that this time
I shall fail, fail miserably the tedious test of time
Life has been difficult, but may be not as difficult as I find
Feud, fault, forgiveness – Lived and loved all the vices of mankind
Loneliness creeps in the wake of nite- chills sent down my spine
For it’s an ache that shall never minimize, a Rubik cube that I shall never surmise
What a pessimistic end I have accorded to my apprehensions, one may think
How would you understand, How could you, How should you
For it takes a once brave now broken heart for the feeling to sink

----By me!