Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As it rained again today………..

Soaked in wordless emotions,

eyes poured silently as you waved goodbye

And years later there I stood astound,

at the exact spot where we parted

My sensibilities overcome with a familiar sense of loss,

discovering yet again that years change but feelings do not.

There is an awkward silence extended by distances,

showering flashes of moments gone by

On my present etched is the footprint of our past,

restored for eternity by your ruthless abandon

And once more I come home drenched in your memories,

As it rained again today………..

…By me

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

55Words Story : Celebration

So what if she was not talking to him. It was their anniversary. They wanted to celebrate together. He wore his best tuxedo. Bought a bunch of yellow roses she loved. He was going to sing the love song of her choice. He sat beside her and sang. Then he laid roses on her grave.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

55Words Story : Time

For God’s sake Nisha, I have no time for your crying, why don’t you keep yourself occupied by working somewhere? Akshay yelled at his wife. She was pestering him again with her emotional overload of loneliness. He ignored her pleading for a child. That night he went home to an empty house filled with toys.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

55Words Story : Memory

He overslept. He hadn’t slept for a long time. It had been years since he started his research on the cure for Alzheimer, a disease that claimed his memory. Everynight he wrote his findings so that he could remember them in morning. He read last night’s note. Just two words - CURE FOUND – it read.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

रमेश तेंडुलकरांची एक अप्रतिम कविता

नाही विसरलो तुला....सारे सारे आठवतेय

अदृशयाशी जडले तुझे माझे नाते........

 शाप घेतलेले उरी सारे सहीन प्राक्तनाला

माझ्या प्राजक्ताची ओंजळ वाहीन..........

माझ्या मुक्या आसवांचे सर डोळा लपवीन

तुझासाठी ठेवीन मी इंद्रधनूची कमान...........

- रमेश तेंडूलकर

Thursday, March 1, 2012



रुई सी हलकी जिंदगी थी,

जी भर कर जिया मे I

अब्ब तो पत्थर की है,

फिर भी कांच की तरह

संभल संभल के जी रहा हूँ I

................By Me!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day, 2012

Love is an amorphous and unsettling feeling
it vaporizes off even before it settles in!
up up and away it goes like kites without any strings......

- By Me!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Slithering soul

Slithering soul
notwithstanding storms and cold
inches forward courageously

- by me



A nice thought by one of my favourite Marathi writers Va Pu Kale! This quote is part of  Vapurza - a compilation of his thoughts on varied topics.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Remainder of a busy day!

These are words that hijacked my mind while reading  Sea of Poppies a novel by Amitav Ghosh yesterday night!

In the closed room marked by silence,

the stark lights fail to pierce footloose imagination

and my thoughts continue to float on the Sea of Poppies.

Distant yet magnificent is the lure of possibilities,

cunningly hoodwinking another day into another night

without slipping in the monotony imposed by time.........

...By me!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

English just KICKED THE BUCKET! 3

Ok so here goes another one – this one made Shakespeare turn in his grave

The victim- the word " Familiar"

Which means- adjective. intimate - acquainted - conversant – close

One of my friends commits this carnal sin over and over again.

Familiar has nothing to do with “being family oriented”

The other day while returning home in the bus Ms. D said – “My husband is a very familiar person and takes good care of our family.”

I had my ROFL moment of the day and started giggling…

My sweet friend didn’t understand what was the joke in her husband looking after their family.

I explained her the meaning of what she had just said and we both started giggling together.

I hope I come across more such funny ‘FAMILIAR’ gaffes!


Friday, January 13, 2012


इतने सालों बाद,

एक मायूस श्याम को

कारवां आज फिर निकला है

तुम्हारे ख्यालों का मेरे दिल से

आज फिर क़यामत होगी

यादें तूफ़ान बनकर कहर ढायेंगी

सुखी आँखें आज फिर पानी बरसाएंगी

दर्द का कारवां निकला तो है

लेकिन कोई नहीं जनता

यह रुकेगा कहाँ!

- By Me


यह तुम्हारे जीत का जश्न है!

या मेरे हारने का अफ़सोस

एक जूनून बनकर

जो मेरे लहू में दौड़ता रहता है!

वह आखिर है  क्या बला?

जो रोज़ याद दिलाती है!

यह तो सिर्फ मिल का पत्थर

मंजिल तो अभी और भी आगे है!

- By Me!

Incidentally this is also my first post in Hindi!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gentleman in a Tuxedo

Meet Vithoba  aka Vithu Maau aka Bagad Billa, the kitten who was not bigger than a small sparrow when rescued by my uncle- Sanjeev Joshi.

He was named Vithoba because he was found on the auspicious occasion of Ekadashi!

Stray dogs had killed his mother and brother. Little Vithu who was barely a few days old was roaming aimlessly along the road, when my uncle brought him home. He could have become an easy prey to dogs, crows, eagles and other tom cats had he been left on the road to die.
Initially, Vithu was so small that he could easily fit in my uncle's pocket. He did not have fur and looked as though he had got some kind of skin disease.
Nevertheless, due to the tender care and attention of my uncle, aunt and little brother Vithu Maau has grown into a beautiful tom cat.
He now has a lovely fur in smoky black colour with dark black waves on his back. He has got shiny golden eyes which look like molten metal from a foundry ( Spare my metaphors- working with manufacturing conglomerates for 4 years have "engineerized" my thinking :-) It is fun to watch how Vithu Maau keeps himself and others entertained around the house.
Over 8 months now with Joshi family, Vithu Maau looks like a sophisticated Gentleman in a Tuxedo.

This act of kindness is worth taking a note of!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


मला प्राणी आवडत असले तरी उंदीर हा माझा आवडता प्राणी नाही. किंबहुना मी प्राणी मित्र असले तरीही उंदरांची मला जरा भीतीच वाटते. अहो जरा म्हणजे घरी उंदीर मामा शिरले कि मी सोप्या वरून पाय खाली ठेवत नाही...माझा घरातली  त्यांची  vaccation होइस तोवर मीच आश्रीतासारखी राहते. रात्री एकवेळ चोराची किव्वा भूता खेताची वाटणार नाही इतकी भीती मला या बिन बुलाये मेहमानांची ची वाटते. एकदा लहानपणी  पायावरून उंदीर गेल्या पासून भयाचा रुपांतर भीतीत म्हणजेच फोबिया मध्ये झाले.

पण परवा मात्र मी माझ्या या शत्रूची चक्क चक्क मदत केली. अहो नुसत्या शत्रू ची नाही तर त्याचा आख्या कुटुंबाची मदत केली. नेहमी प्रमाणे सदाशिव पेठेत कामा करिता गेलेले असताना मला एका वाण्यचा दुकाना बाहेर एक वेगळाच खेळ दिसला. गळ्यात एक छोटीशी घंटा बांधलेले एक गोंडस काळे-पांढरे  मांजर इकडून तिकडून उड्या मारत खेळत होतं. त्याचा तो लहान मुलांसारखा निरागस खेळ पाहिला माझी पावलं जग्यचा जागी थांबली. मनात आले फोटो काढूयात म्हणून कॅमेरा बाहेर काढला पण फोटो घायचे धाडस झाले नाही. कारण मला गोंडस वाटणारे मांजर एका जुन्या उंदरांच्या  पिंजऱ्याशी खेळत होतं. पिंजर्यात ज्याला आपण मौस म्हणतो त्या जातीचे ६ छोटे छोटे उंदीर होते. मांजर सारख लांब जायचं मग पळत येऊन पिंजर्यावर झप्तयचं. सगळे उंदीर जीव मुठीत घेऊन एका कोपर्यात सरकून बसले होते. मांजर सारखं येऊन त्यांना नखं मारायचं. आता मला तो सारा खेळ गोड न वाटता भयाण वाटू लागला.

आपल्या मरणाला आपल्या इतक्या जवळ पाहून त्या येव्धुषा उंदरांना कसे वाटले असेल हे माझा मनात आले. शेवटी प्रत्येकाला आपला जीव प्रिया असतो मग तो छोटासा उंदीर असो किव्वा विचार करू शकणारा माणूस असो. आपण इतक्या वेळ त्या मांजराचा हा क्रूर खेळ एन्जोय करत होतो हि गोष्ट माझा मनाला टोचायला लागली. एक क्षणभर विचार करून मी त्या मांजराला तिकडून पळवून लावले. मला खूप वाटत होतं कि आपण त्या दुकानदाराला सांगूयात कि त्या उंदरांना कुठे तरी दूर सोडून द्या. त्या मांजराला ते खायला देऊ नका. पण मुळातच दुकानदाराला त्रासदायक आणि उपद्रव ठरलेल्या प्राण्यांची मदत त्याने केली असती का? मी काहीचः न बोलता तिथून काढता पाय घेतला.

जाताना एकदा परत वळून पाहिलं - खात्री केली कि मला गोंडस वाटणारा आणि उंदरांसाठी भक्षक ठरणारं मांजर परत तर आलं नाही न. मांजर कुठेच नवतं. पण ते परत येणार हे  नक्की होतं. उंदीर मात्र तसेच भेदरलेल्या अवस्थेत एका कोपर्यात बसून होते. त्याच रस्त्यावरून अर्ध्या तासाने परत जाताना मी पिंजर्या कडे पाहणे टाळले. कुठेतरी अपयाश्ची अणि गिल्ट ची  भावना होती आणि भीती हि. दुकानदाराने जर ते उंदीर स्वताहून मांजराला खायला दिले असतील तर.....मी माझा मार्ग पकडला.

माझा मनाच्या पिंजर्याच्या एका कोपर्यात मात्र कुठले तरी विचार दाटत होते.

After a lot of motivation  from Bongs -I have finally mustered  up the courage to write in Marathi - my mother tongue and this is my maiden attempt at it. I hope I will  do better with every new post. This one is dedicated to one of the best Marathi Bloggers Ever - Bongs! :-)

P.S. By the way it is also part of my "achievable" New Year Resolutions 2012 to pen my expressions in different languages.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Carcasses of dead dreams of love lay gathering dust

In the obsolete corner of your mind where you put them to rust

Once in while they come to life but to survive ignoring them is must

- By Me

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

The New year skies celebrate shimmery night

Stars and fireworks both sparkle and alight

Oblivious to all, rejoicing in the mirth of moonlight are dancing fire-flies

- By Me