Friday, November 26, 2010

26/11 and Beyond!!

Today is 26/11. Two years back, this day time stood still!! We should remember all the heroes who sacrificed their lives for our safety! A salute to all the martyrs of the Terror attack! ! Attached is a photo of the Staircase at Taj which I took on 11th Nov, 2010. Taj stands tall and beautiful - completely unfazed by the terror attack!! As if amplifying the thought loud and clear - that "WE INDIANS" are not ready to be bulldozed by Terrorism! And together we will emerge even stronger every time!! This is the beauty of our Matrabhoomi!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

About Me ????

Trust me I have been struggling very hard for the last few months to compile the about me section of my blog, my facebook and my twitter accounts.

Every time I have scribed something, I have deleted it – thanks to “Not so satisfactorily” me.

I never had to struggle so much talking about myself than I have now! Everything seems like a distant figment of imagination! Leaving the pertinent question still very much unanswered and open for contemplation.


In my odyssey years, I was addicted to participating in personality contests at intercollegiate level.

Often, one common question would be asked:

Describe yourself in one word.

My by-hearted answer used to be pronto :

VERSATILE – Coz I could dance, act, host shows, write good scripts, compile poems and manage events

Two days back someone out of the blue asked me the same question:

Describe yourself in one word.

Without re-visiting the memories of yester-years, the answer that I gave was so direct dilse that it left me surprised to a certain extent.

I said :

REBELLIOUS – Coz I am at war with myself!!

It’s strange how age and experience changes one and ones outlook!

I have learnt the most about myself and my chemistry with others only in the last 3 years of my life. These years have been very formative and constructive. They have practically driven me to the brink of a strong metamorphosis. – the changed person I am now.

I owe a lot of ME to these years.

A few years back I could easily compile an articulate and elaborate description of me– because I thought all those long sentences and fancy adjectives were me! But trust me they weren't.

Now I think there is still a lot of room left to re-explore myself and my depths. To challenge myself, to innovate and to grow!!

And, someday I will know myself well! I will be able to describe myself in the About me section – just the way I am and just the way I wanted it to be!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Moon from the eye of a 5 Mega Pixel camera!

Date: Kojagiri Night
Time: 20:10 pm
Venue: Kojagiri Night in Saras Baug, Pune

Moon from the eye of a 5 Mega Pixel camera!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Date: 24 September , 2010
Time: 13:56 pm
Venue: Trip to Sajjangad


Monday, September 27, 2010

God's Own Door!

Date: 24 September , 2010
Time: 13:56 pm
Venue: Trip to Sajjangad

God's Own Door!

Monday, September 6, 2010


This is a poem dedicated to all who have helped me to hold myself together in my “Not so good days”.

I just want to say a big

For standing strong - through the arid desert of my testing times
When life was not calling my name
And with every breath – my beaten soul was drifting far away

For infusing life blood
When every ounce of energy had drained
In a longing that was never to be mine

For wiping my weary eyes
When the harmful sandstorms of blames
Brought tears to their dreamlessness

For keeping hope afloat
When every promise drowned in dismay
Killing me for innumerable times

For keeping the candle burning
When the sadness seemed to last for eternity
Even on long dark star-less nights

For bringing back my lost smile
When the meaning of happiness had altered
And I had forgotten the cheerier side of life

For helping me believe in myself
When for days I quit to be me
Because I was afraid of non-conformity

For making my days special
When I waited for all the occasions
Worthlessly for someone to come back

For talking to me tirelessly
When pain didn’t accord me sweet sleep of peace
And tore my dreams into a thousand splinters

For helping me regain the spring in my step
When I couldn’t stand on my own feet
Defeated and desolated by myself

For tracing back my extinct worth
When I was rendered worthless
Good for nothing by the one who was closest of all

For being my support system
When I needed someone to understand and appreciate me
And not judge me by my short-comings

For understanding my failure
When everyone pointed fingers
And did not bother to be considerate

For helping me recover
When I could not get over the mirage of my loss
And kept wandering in search of a respite

Really, thank you for this and everything else
But more importantly……

For Welcoming me back with open arms,
When I thought I had nowhere to go
And it took a while for me to realize that I had finally come back home….

- By Me!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking Through!

The Problem

Old eagle Frank flies with
drooped wings and withered might
Even the gentle touch of zephyr resonates
Sending ripples of pain throughout his body
He vens direly for his once zaftig body
Now a bundle of old bones and feathers
It is time to kowtow to the ruthless time
For he is at the fag end of forty erstwhile years

His claws no longer swiftly grip the fish from the pond
His failing eyesight cannot trace a frail snake or rat from a pinnacle
His carefree sky-bound high- altitude endeavours
Are now limited to a low flight for survival
Trapped in the squelching chains of old age
Tired of being hungry and sick
He decides he had enough of this ruthless mockery of life
And accedes to dive to his own death to put an end to this dismay

Survival of the fittest

He plunges from a cliff, his wings folded
Disconsolate about his wunderkind achievements
Just then he sees on the top of a tree
His old friend Raphael, looking young and happy
Relishing a fish fresh from a pond
There he sits with all his youthful charm
Out Frank stretches his wings and forces himself
To fly to his youthful friend perhaps too older than him

Asks he to the young looking eagle
How do you look so strong and juvenile?
Smiled Raphael, said my friend we are eagles after all
We live our lives in the same patterns for years
Hunting and surviving – exhausting our resources and means
And after completion of forty years, we get our youth back
You will have to toil hard, bear the pain for 90 long days – change everything that you are
And out shall come a new you – young and smart

Ideas for Action: Breaking Through

So Frank toiled hard for the next 90 days
He went to a remote place far up in the hills
He pulled out one claw a day and his feathers with his beak
Blood oozed out of his wounded body
He then allowed his new toes and plumage to grow back
Then he hit his beak on the rocks
Allowed it to break off and bore silently all its pain
Out grew a new beak in a matter of few days

Now, Frank is no longer an old eagle
Who grew tired of his old body and was plunging to his death
We are no eagles, we have no second lives
Yet like them, if we try really hard
We can break out of our old bad habits – and be a new person
It is not inscrutable – to work hard and break free from our comfort confines
To bring in new patterns of positive behaviour and conquer our erroneous zones
After all, it is all about making a decision and putting it into action

On a didactic note like Frank we can rejuvenate our existing lives
We can shed our apprehensions, prejudices and off beam behaviour
We can kill our habits that seek no congruence with the good human beings that we are
We can try to adjust and don a renewed “US” to survive
The world doesn’t see us the way we are, it sees us the way it wants to
So let go of your old behavioural patterns and embrace new progressive changes
Always remember it is never too late and difficult – Nothing is ever impossible
Because, even impossible says
I M Possible

- By Me!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!

Happy Independence Day to All!!

This is a salute to all the people who sacrificied their lives so that we could breathe freely in Independent India today!! We should realise that with rights come inherent duties!! And we must shoulder our responsilibilites - and not write them off as someone elses problem!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Magic Days!

My Hostel dayzzzz - A true unity in diversity!!

When one stays away from home, he finds family in friends! And that's exactly what happened with me at my hostel! I miss my hostel and my hostel group! Its just been a month that I left them but I am missing them already! The two and half years that I spent with them were magic times!

All my girl pals - Aaji, Amruta, Pradnya, Shweta, Nikki, Nikita, Suprita, Supriya, Yogu and Pranita

I miss :
My bed by the window : Where the world looked different outside
Watching all the chick-flicks together!
Our official hostel Maskot " Masakali" cat who was always behind Pradnya's love birds.
Bed bugs here, there - everywhere
Sleepless nights due to bed bug havoc in Summers
Going out on Gandharva Bridge for Night walks
Having extra chilled kulfi on winter nights
Visiting temples with pals before their exams, interviews and engagements
Shopping with Girls at Tulsi Baug
Dancing on Mobile songs on weekend nights
Singing songs together - especially sad Gazals
Pajama parties
Group Study
Celebrating each others Birthday by cutting a cake at Midnight!
Looking after eachother when any one was sick
Listening to all my friends chattering about boy-friends
Consoling girls after boy friend tiffs
Cooking together - great Bhels, Pavbhajis and Pulavs
Just dressing up on weekends to have fun
Going to the same restaurants for Sundays when the girls didn't have their dabba
Taking Aajji on her medical check-ups
Dancing at the Dandiya-rass in the building
Taking each others bikes outside
Sundari our sweet dog
Guarding and planning for girls coming in late in the night
Eating non-veg food without telling Aaji
Having long sessions of horror stories late in the nights and then getting frightened even to go to the loo!
Sharing a nice warm cup of tea and coffee!
Attending my friends weddings and engagements!
Going on late night walks to Naturals!!
To pounce on all the khau that used to come from our homes!
We even had a break-up party!! : )
Having loads and loads of Maggie!
Not stepping down the bed when a rat used to enter the premises!
Applying all the tricks and acrobatic stunts to put on the TV - after Aaji had shut it off! And succeeding with teamwork!

The best part was we all came from different cities with different backgrounds! But we always brought the best of the worlds together! Everyone stayed together as a family without fighting with each other! We never interrupted - we always added value to each others lives! This was the place which gave me a lot of practical tutorials in valuable lessons of life - few of which were sharing, adjusting and just being there when one needed support the most!!

My hostel friends brought a lot of happiness to my life! I will always remember this time!

How I miss you girls! I miss our good ol' days!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My 200th Post!! Beautiful Lotus!

Date: 7th August, 2010
Time: 12:45 pm
Venue: Out bound Team Building Training, Girivan, Pune

“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.”
- Kahlil Gibran

Saturday, July 17, 2010

@ Home in Pune!!

The other day, I was waiting at the bus stop for my bus early in the morning. It was pouring cats and dogs and like everyone else I was trying to combat the rain with the artillery of just one feeble umbrella. I saw a narrow stream of water by the road-side carrying a small sapling with the flow. I was observing the sapling which was now slowly strumming ahead with the current bearing the heavy pitter-patter of the gushing rain.

And, then suddenly I had a tiny EUREKA moment of my own - I realised that the sapling belonged somewhere else but it had been uprooted due to the pressure of heavy incessant outpour and was forced to shift from its place. It was now going to re-hold roots where it was going to find conducive conditions - a new place with ample water and sunshine to grow. A place which it can make its home. Yes a Home!

A few years back, I had also been uprooted from my Matrubhoomi(Mumbai) like the sapling due to certain reasons that are no longer valid. But staying back was a conscious decision. I did not find the reason to leave strong enough. I had always liked my Karmabhoomi (Pune). A city which gave me my career, my friends and my self worth. A city that I can rightly claim after 3 and half years of forgetting the names of the bridges and confusing them for each other - that I now know in and out of : ).

Pune has rightly acclimatised me to its pulse, pace, places, people and persona. When once I was lonely and lost it gave me a close knit social-circle of friends, family and extended family. Whats exciting is the fact that I have a home of my own here now. And it has only made things easier and better for me!

I owe a lot to Pune - Pune gave me a lot of things - one among it is a brand new life when I felt everything had ended and now it has blessed me with a home to call my own!! I love you Pune - Not by CIRCUMSTANCES but by CHOICE!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I like!

I clicked this photo @ the Rangoli festival @ Chendani Koliwada - Diwali, 2009

This is a sentiment that is close to my heart.


I get to travel a lot because of my job profile. But this trip was different.

The plane is taking a longer time to land. It is going around in circles. Our captain has announced turbulence due to lightening. I am seeing scared faces around me. Our plane is 4th to land in a sequence and we have to kill time mid-air before the rest of them land. As the plane starts to descend, we loose sight of the foggy amorphous clouds. I peek from my little enclosed window on the wings to stare at the strange city we are descending on – Small houses, A Long River, Small Water Bodies, Huge Green Playgrounds. I smile! After 6 long hours of flight, starting from the West, touching base in the South and then finally flying to the East. Yes Finally. I disembark saying - Hello Kolkata!

Every bit of the city reeks with a flavor of culture, art and literature. It is the 150th Year of Tagore’s Birth. Every monument that you see is a testimony to the Colonial times. The architecture is so beautiful and stunning that it is as if the time has stood still. Some of the relics of revolution and freedom struggle still stand strong. The breeze on the banks of Ganges slowly hums in your ears and plays with the loose strands of your hair. One stands on the Banks of the calmly streaming Ganges and wonders how beautiful the river looks on the backdrop of the setting sun- as if the sun has burst into several shards of sparkling pieces that now afloat on the river. The Howrah stands tall and looks misty on a cold rainy evening. As if challenging the existence of new bridge.

Small canopies float on the steadily drifting water, carrying people from one shore to the other. The quintessential Boat men clad in their Dhotis and red Gamchas push the boat off the jetty with a rover and embark on a pleasant journey. The water is pale blue, similar to the color of the skies. You start wondering if at a distant point - the Ganges meets the sky mixing the hues of clouds in the river. In the night time the lights are aglow in the whole city making it look even more resplendent.

Transportation here is easy and cheap. I used to wonder where all the Ambassador cars went from India. I have my answer now! All the yellow taxis in Kolkata are yellow Ambassadors. I had heard about trams but never seen them as they were discarded in Mumbai long before my birth in 1983. I was both amazed and amused with a child like alacrity when I saw trams carrying people around. Reminded me of sequences from Full house shot in Florida. Like Ahmedabad you find the green and yellow CNG auto rickshaws. Then there are also human rickshaws but as an outsider you don’t opt for those. You can easily make out the dialect as it is very similar to Hindi and Marathi pronunciations. Just a lot of “O’S” are added. Like SONDESH and RASHOGULLAS. Beautiful Bengali sarees and cotton kurtis are the things to shop for.

Here the Policemen are clad in White uniforms. Traffic seems to be congested due to narrow roads but the air around is fresh. Several small man-made ponds catch your eye. It reminds me fairly of my own city Thane. The staple food here being pond fish and rice, they are reared in these ponds. The puchkas are very much “like“ panipuris but still very “different” from them. The nightlife is not much active here. But the food joints are superb especially the China Town. You should also try biriyanis, mustard fish preparations, ellesh, prawns and other fish curries. One cannot really claim to have visited Kolkata if he doesn’t have the exquisite sweet preparations like all types of Sondesh, Phirni, Abhar Khabo, Mishti Dohi etc. Nothing tastes better than a Cha in small earthen pots on a rainy evening.

The people in Kolkata are as sweet as their delicacies. They love to show you around the city. The Maa Kali temple, Victoria House,Museum, Howrah Bridge and New Bridge etc as very beautiful places. A tour in the buggi makes the ride even more thrilling. Kolkata has a massive football following and you can see the city is clearly geared for the current football season. There are large expansive grounds where young “Ronaldinos" are enjoying their football in rains.

My work here is done…The plane is leaving Kolkata ground. I wave away to this very Celestial City in my own country. I will cherish you in my thoughts Kolkata – I promise as I take off for home!!

I would like to quote few lines from Tagore’s Gitanjali that spell out my KOLKATA EXPERIENCE the best!!

I have had my invitation to this world's festival, and thus my life has been blessed. My eyes have seen and my ears have heard.

It was my part at this feast to play upon my instrument, and I have done all I could.

Now, I ask, has the time come at last when I may go in and see thy face and offer thee my silent salutation?

- Rabindranath Tagore

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Limaye Kaku!

For the last few days I was seeing Manu all alone of the road. Manu is this cute little black dog in my lane!! If he was down, it was implied that Limaye kaku had to be sitting at her patent seat of the steps of the verandah of her Wada. About one and half year back, I chanced upon Manu and was playing with him. That is when a very soft hearted and sweet lady came forward to claim his ownership. Spotting our common interest in dogs, we started chattering about why “Manu” was such an adorable dog.

We used to meet every day in the evening when I used to return from my office. She used to stop me and we would engage in silly banter about everything under the sun. She had told me how lonely she had become after her husband passed away a few months back and that Manu was like her own son. She spoke about all the Marathi soaps, the new cotton sarees she got from the nearest shop and told me strange yet interesting stories of the tenants she had. I would sit there beside her for hours and patiently listen to everything whatever she had to talk. She used to laugh a lot. It used to amaze me- her jest for living and the way she was determined to get over her adversity!!

She always invited me to have dinner with her and to see her home. I never went. I just kept postponing it as I was always in a hurry to rush back and fix a meal or study. I regret it now! She had introduced me to her children. On a Diwali Day I had introduced my Dad to her. She was a very nice lady. She always called me and spoke to me whenever I used to walk with my headphones in my ears completely unaware about everything around me. She was atleast 30 years older to me. But I liked her and she liked me. Our bonding had been mutual.

So when I switched job and didn’t take the same lane, I missed meeting her and talking to her. The other day I was looking for her. But I only spotted a lonely Manu all by himself on the street. It was a while that I had seen her. I decided to check on her. So I asked the Chemist who knew her well. He said she passed away about 2 months back. I was sad and shell- shocked. He said she had got hurt in her leg and being a diabetes patient she got gangrene- slipped into Coma and passed away. I remember her telling me that she had hurt her leg. But I never knew that it would claim her life in future.

The whole point is – I would have liked to know her better. I didn't even know what her first name was. But indeed she was a very charming lady who was acclimatizing herself to her lonely life. But with a very brave smile on her face.

There are some people who are not connected to you- They are not your relatives, they are not your friends- they are just people whom you meet! But they touch your lives. More importantly they give a tug to your heart!! Limaye Kaku was a very special lady. I have been on an amazing journey since the last 2 years and have met all kinds of people. Limaye Kaku was someone I will never forget!! For all the love and happiness she brought to people around her- May her soul rest in peace!!! You will be missed, Limaye Kaku!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Cast away on the wings of dreams and detritus

Fly afar to a place not beaten, a place completely new

And between this journey – to a destination novel and back

Give a thought to- what was gained and what was lost

Two trodden steps towards your regular mundane thoughts

Revert with three callous de-tours on en-riching creativity

And there you land, back to where you started

The flight of your musing shattered even before it took off

Guarded in the rich isolated ivory tower

Locked away is the jaded prisoner of innovation

Who awaits there silently to be set free

By the bravura of your out-of-box imagination

- By Me!

Impact of Creativity and Innovation Workshop - 22nd May, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I stand in front of the mirror
Look at me,
Not a hint of who I was years ago
Smile, should I or just shrug the idea of change

Am here but am not
somewhere in your thoughts always lost
A lot of "Why" raise a personal hell
And then I remember the sweetness of your smell

However hard have I tired
to forget you and our footfalls
I will never love anyone ever again......
Coz I can't think of getting over your pain......

I cacoon myself from the world outside
Bracing my soul tightly inside
Like a candle dwindling in the aggressive wind
I put up a fight for my "me" to survive

Every heart beat cries your name..
I am suppose to hate you ain't I?
In the exact same way you hate me..
But look, how miserably I fail every time

You failed to forgive and I fail to forget
Living in today but not letting go of yesterday!!
Love is a strange word
And so is all the memorabilia attached with it

By Me!

Venue: Lakadi Pool, Pune
7 Pm
23rd May, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010


Its humans react when jolted in a sudden adverse spot. I think there is something that directs 200% energy to their mind and the will to survive takes over like a rapid action force!! The end result is hardcore surviors - who are better equipped to face the future!!

Obeservation : Someone I know - Making everything out of nothing

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Anthropology By Dan Rhodes

My “Timoleon Vietta” experience made Dan Rhodes win hands down when I was selecting My choice among the hundreds on Books in the Literature Category of British Library Pune. As the name suggests the book is all about people and their behavior.

The book is a compilation of several short stories in fact shortest stories I have ever come across. Each story is woven meticulously in not more than 25 lines. Every story speaks volumes about complex human relations in minimal description. The author looks at each story from a third person point of view! You are left mesmerised by each experience!

Absolutely reader friendly, great Book!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not So Mundane Conversations! 3

When I annouced on my google Buzz about my New flat in Pune, "NOW AM OFFCIALY A PUNEKAR" I got the following replies from My friends!! This is really really interesting Stuff! Enjoy!!

Saurabh Bongale - अभिनंदन Feb 15

Ketaki Joshi - DANKE :) Feb 15

deepti sane - hey congrats.......PUNEKAR !!Feb 15

Ketaki Joshi - thnks di! howz u babes ? Feb 16

Niyant Lohakare - congrates. V happy to hear dis g8 news.Party time.Feb 16

Milind Naphade - Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats :-DFeb 16

Aakash Gupte - Lateshtt news > Ketaki's trying hard on her nasal tone!!

Aani tine ek painter pan bolavlay > jo puneri patya paint karun deil!! :))Feb 17

Aakash Gupte - pahili paati > AAMHI JOSHI ASLO, TARI AMHI KOBRA NAHI.....AANI

Aakash Gupte - Ketaki Joshi - DANKE :)15 Feb :O aaila germann!Feb

Saurabh Bongale - lolllaaa.... fattyang pati hai....
दुसरी पाटी >> आम्ही मुंबईचे पुणेकर आहोत. किमान शब्दात कमाल अपमान करणे आम्हास शक्य नाही. बोलण्यापेक्षा कृतीवर आम्ही जास्त भर देतो. सरळ कानफाड फोडण्यात येईल.Feb 18

Milind Naphade - lolamm Feb 18

Aakash Gupte - hahaha!!Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - aaga ho kite vela... saangnar?Feb 18

Aakash Gupte - aaja bhai, ketaki chya gharchya patya design karaychya aahet!Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - bas bas....
full sadashivpethi khass puneri patya..Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - तिसरी पाटी >> हि खानावळ नाही, घर आहे... जेवणाचे पैसे स्विकारले जाणार नाहीत...Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - lol....
4) AAmhi electricity cha bill bharto, bell wajvu nahi...Feb 18

Aakash Gupte - waah saurabh > tu tar maze mess chi paise vachavless!! aani aplya barobar guest pan astat!! kay prof.?Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - bas ka bhai...
ata kadki janar.....Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - aare mag kay... hakkane jaycha... bharpur kha kha khaycha...Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - hmm ghar aaplach ahe...

ketaki kahi aplyala hakalnar nahi te changli guni mulgi ahe..
lolFeb 18

Aakash Gupte - apan tya flat chya khalli pan- thela lau! aani parking madhe carrom club!Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - lol...

ketaki's carrom club..Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - ५) हे घर आहे मंदिर नाही, तरी चपला बाहेरच काढुन प्रवेशावे...Feb 18

Aakash Gupte - 6) nighte-weli apan jya coach-a-war basla hota, tya warchya acchadanachya churghalya mitvun jaava!

- Hukumavarun!Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - 7) Krupaya aat yenacha aadhi parvangi kadahavi..
aakash aathavtay ka?Feb 18

Aakash Gupte - aarey ho na
aarey banglyachya baher dara war pati > parvangi shivay aat yeu naye.....chya mari > fataka-war chadhun >jor joraat haaqa marun > parvangi ghyaychi system asavi! kimman baher aatla phone number tari dyaycha. "Hello saheb, mi aat yeu ka?"Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - nahi re yeud sabhyapana nasto karaicha...
saral ek dagad fekun khidki che kaach todun mag parvangi kadahaiche...
mag aapan aat nahi jaicha re tech baher yeil...Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - hahahaahahaa.... aare pan ghusaycha bindass... tikde konachi parvanagi ghyaychi he thodich mention kela asta? sangaycha yenarya janarya konala tari vicharun ghuslo... :P Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - are hoo ke he lakshatach ala nahi...
lai bhari..Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - barazala sangitlas nahitar ugach tod-phod zali asti...
lol...Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - युक्तिपेक्षा शक्ति श्रेष्ठFeb 18

Saurabh Bongale - chukla chukla...Feb 18

Aakash Gupte - aarey kautukachi goshta mhanje > te ghar kuthe bhugaon chya javal hota....aani te pan tekadavarchya rastyawar! tyachya aslya parvangi sathi ugach salyane swatahla badvun ghetla asta. chonga sala Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - chonga............ haaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha kay bhari shivi aahe...Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - abe he shivi nahi...Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - loll... padavi aahe ka???Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - hmmm.Feb 18

Prathamesh Bhamburkar - he padvi fakta bavlat, shamlu.....etc lokannach bahal keli jate...Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - :O lolzzz.... jaoode... aapla patya rangvaycha udyog maage padla hya nadat... chala patapata patya rangava...Feb 18

Aakash Gupte - my zoo-zoo baghat baslelo!! aata jau dya na ghari, ata vajle ki bara!Feb 18

43 more commentsAakash Gupte - 8. Ho, Tumchi Sakhar sampli asnaar na! Amchya kade sugar free chya golya aahet. 8.50 rs la ek goli, krupaya sutte paise dene!Feb 18

Saurabh Bongale - lolzzzzFeb 18

Saurabh Bongale - ९) पाट्या वाचायला आवडत नसतील किंवा वाचून कंटाळला असाल, तर बाजूच्या खोलीत जाऊन फळ्यावर काय लिहलय ते वाचा.Feb 18

Gairrrrrrrrrrr! My View!

I am actually under cover these days. Hiding away in some secret place...Absconding from where I belong..A few people are searching for me to take my case left and right...

Well well don't be afraid it just that my buddies are searching for me. After all I have sinned.....after listening to a emotion laded dilse speech of mine about watching marathi cinema and feeling proud of it...we had all settled down to watch Gair at City Pride Satara on a lazy afternoon a few days back. Little did I know that we were going to be exposed to continuous torture for 2 hours 30 minutes.

If you have too much of a black money and want convert it to white. I have got a hit formula. Try getting the best of stars from regional industry, take a roughly matured plot, put in lots of money on sets, clothes, songs etc and then make and distribute a film as dumb as Gair!

Trust me, If I am to re-write Chetan Bhagat's Three Mistakes of my life- GAIR would definitely qualify to be one of the mistakes. I truly regret myself and coaxing 5 other people along with me to pay for this mindless endeavour!

The film opens at two homicides and then shifts on to an award ceremony where our hero Sandip Kulkarni of Dombivli Fast Fame tries to copy Saif ALi Khan in his mannerisms, looks & styles and fails miserabaly.

Ila Bhate & Amruta Khanwilkar present a fairly good performance!! Others are all new-bies! The songs seem to jabardasti added in the film!! And it is better to see for yourself all the faltoo choreography that has gone in it! Infact me and my groupies got up and clapped when a song and dance sequence shot on Sandip and Amruta got over! It was our sarcastic way of registering criticism!! Come on Amruta you can do better than this! And where is the feisty Sandip that we saw in Dombivli Fast???

The story does not evolve and by the end of the film You are either looking at your watch for it to end or are cursing your stars for choosing such a " Below Average" film to splurge your hard earned money on!!

Can some one tell me why is the promotional hoarding still put on a hill in Katraj ??? The film is long gone!! It reminds me of my folly everytime I pass that area!!

My Verdict- One Star for this half-baked, full bakwas film!! This one is for you Amruta!

English just KICKED THE BUCKET! 2

On public demand I am updating yet another carnal sin committed by us while speaking English!

Keep your ears open especially for this one as it completely changes the complete meaning of the sentence!

The victim- the word " De-Stressing"
Which means removing the stress or unwinding the stress!!

While some people pronounce it as dis-stressing which means great pain, anxiety, or sorrow; acute physical or mental suffering; affliction; trouble or a state of extreme necessity or misfortune!

Its high time that we correct this mistake! It can land us in a Major Soup! Say for example you tell your Boss," If it was not for your distressing( You actually want to say de-stressing) Company the picnic wouldn't have been fun at all".

Just imagine your wrong pronouncing or writing of the word de-stress can prove to be a matter of great distress for you!! hehehe

My advice don't commit this gaffe at all costs!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not My day!! 20th Feb, 2010

I wish this day would get deleted out of My life!

It will hurt forever from now on!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day!!!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


Happy Birthday to u!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Day!! 14th Jan, 2010

Today was my day!! Yeah yeah! After a long-time My day finally arrived!!

1) I got to host a full-fledged corporate function for 6 hours in front of 60 International dignitaries from about 20 countries!! The script was also scripted by me!! I don't know I think Hosting shows in my poison of choice!! I love it!! Its like a new improved Ketaki takes over when it comes to Public Speaking!! Thanks to my superiors who trusted me with this responsibility! And thank you God for providing me this Amazing opportunity within the first 15 days of my joining! And yeas,also for my clean fumble-free performance! It was highly appreciated! : )

2)A Speech script that I wrote for some one got selected!! yipppeee!

3) I bagged the first trophy in office for dance @ the Bollywood Dance Nite!!

Am soo happy Diary, I can't explain!!! I hope I can get many such opportunities!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Party! 2010

New Year Party of 2009!
Last New Year me and Amruta made Bhel for all our hostel mates.And all of us pounced on it as if we had been hungry for years all together. It was a very sombre, quiet and full filling kind of a new year celebration. All of the chutkus and Aaji in my hostel enjoyed a lot!

Platinum New Year Party @ Bhamburkar's Place! 31st Dec, 2009 - 1st Jan, 2010

Key Highlights-
This years New year party was Platinum rated! I really thank Professor, Aaditi, Mihir, Aakash, Deepti, Milya and Sheetal for the rocking party that we had at Professor's place! Can't forget how we all gyrated to bollywood songs and all the fun that we had! The party was especially rocking because of the great food and drink arrangements! ; )

Can't believe Aakash and Prathamesh had to make their way to Tulsi Baug(probably for the first and last time in their lives) to buy all the cutlery and glasses! I have to mention the special pains that they took while selecting the measurement glass! : )

The party was also responsible for according nicks that will not be forgotten ever!!
Like Rocket Sane!! and Jet Apte!!!

Thanks Milya for dropping me home in freezing cold!! And yeah if it was not for you I would not have reached on time for my "first day" @ my "new office".

Ok and a special thanks to me for controlling my yawns or atleast hiding them from my new colleagues for a whole 8.30 hours !!! Ghosh I was exhausted from the party!!

And how can I forget the guest appearance that Bongs made for the party in principle if not in person!!

2010 has begun with the most smashing party ever! Hope this year rocks for all of us!!