Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Day!! 14th Jan, 2010

Today was my day!! Yeah yeah! After a long-time My day finally arrived!!

1) I got to host a full-fledged corporate function for 6 hours in front of 60 International dignitaries from about 20 countries!! The script was also scripted by me!! I don't know I think Hosting shows in my poison of choice!! I love it!! Its like a new improved Ketaki takes over when it comes to Public Speaking!! Thanks to my superiors who trusted me with this responsibility! And thank you God for providing me this Amazing opportunity within the first 15 days of my joining! And yeas,also for my clean fumble-free performance! It was highly appreciated! : )

2)A Speech script that I wrote for some one got selected!! yipppeee!

3) I bagged the first trophy in office for dance @ the Bollywood Dance Nite!!

Am soo happy Diary, I can't explain!!! I hope I can get many such opportunities!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year Party! 2010

New Year Party of 2009!
Last New Year me and Amruta made Bhel for all our hostel mates.And all of us pounced on it as if we had been hungry for years all together. It was a very sombre, quiet and full filling kind of a new year celebration. All of the chutkus and Aaji in my hostel enjoyed a lot!

Platinum New Year Party @ Bhamburkar's Place! 31st Dec, 2009 - 1st Jan, 2010

Key Highlights-
This years New year party was Platinum rated! I really thank Professor, Aaditi, Mihir, Aakash, Deepti, Milya and Sheetal for the rocking party that we had at Professor's place! Can't forget how we all gyrated to bollywood songs and all the fun that we had! The party was especially rocking because of the great food and drink arrangements! ; )

Can't believe Aakash and Prathamesh had to make their way to Tulsi Baug(probably for the first and last time in their lives) to buy all the cutlery and glasses! I have to mention the special pains that they took while selecting the measurement glass! : )

The party was also responsible for according nicks that will not be forgotten ever!!
Like Rocket Sane!! and Jet Apte!!!

Thanks Milya for dropping me home in freezing cold!! And yeah if it was not for you I would not have reached on time for my "first day" @ my "new office".

Ok and a special thanks to me for controlling my yawns or atleast hiding them from my new colleagues for a whole 8.30 hours !!! Ghosh I was exhausted from the party!!

And how can I forget the guest appearance that Bongs made for the party in principle if not in person!!

2010 has begun with the most smashing party ever! Hope this year rocks for all of us!!