Monday, July 2, 2007

Had enough! I hate you! You know who!

Leave me alone, for Christs sake!
Hello. Knock, Knock ! Anybody familiar with the holy dictum of 'live and let live' here?
I like to safeguard my privacy. I hate noosey people rummaging through my stuff to find the skeletons in my closets {literally in my closet}. Get the message straight and upright people. I hate overindulging, over enthusiastic individuals who have no work but to raise their eyebrows about others way of living. I don't care what they feel, coz i have kept mum for a long time, now I just cant bear the ensuing pressure. I call it more of an intrusion than involvement. The moment I step out, all those who act like income tax officers better keep their hands off my things coz I hate it. I know hate is a strong word, but then I mean it here in this case. Respect my privacy or yours wont be gaurded 2. I pity your petty thoughts and despise your actions.
Statutory Warning- Invasion of my privacy rubs me the wrong way!

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Kartick Sitaraman said...

It's funny how contradictory we are, isn't it? Maybe it isn't.

You're here, talking about guarding your privacy, in a public domain. How do expect that? We leave our closets open, but want people to see only what we want them to, never cross the line.

Human nature prescribes curiosity - that's what got me here. I might be intruding upon your space right now... what do you think?