Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just a random thought!

I just don't believe how absurd and irrational things can get with me when I am at the lower end of a roller coaster ride. Most of you might think that I have completely lost it. No I am not suffering from bulimia, I am not pregnant and I am certainly not high on dope. Many might think my act is out of the acceptable definitions of sensibilities. But No. What I did just now is a perfectly engineered maneuver to get out of a dull state of mind ( however abnormal it might sound). I just googled for happiness and kept gazing at the nth number of images it gave me.
And i just gave in on unhappy me and embraced a smiling myself again. Hola..I am back to my cheerful self again........And I don't care which trivial thing gets me long as it does!


Nyx said...

Very informative. Very sensible blog you have there!


iron_maiden said...

Thanks a lots Nyx.I was denied access to your blog though. Is it possible for me to read your blog?