Saturday, September 6, 2008

Old introduction: Just for record!

I, An Unsolved Mystery.
This blog is a toast raised in the celebration of the much " loved, hated yet lived" life. It is my contribution towards understanding its transient ways and the paradoxical repercussions life has on me.
Coined in totality.........I AM EVERYTHING, I WANT TO BE.
My mettle is woven of a contrasting fiber and this is what intrigues me a lot...
Life is after-all..... 'living in an amalgamation of antonyms'. Merely attributing my behavior to the universally accepted norm, " expected of human nature" doesn't hold suffice persuasion-power for me. I vouch to strive for not restricting the ambit of my thoughts and amputating my progression.My writings are a purposeful attempt to explore and surmount the drawbacks of my cognizance and comprehension. Packed in a nuget, 'I' try to quiz the complex 'ME' in an effort to understand ' MYSELF'

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