Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prayers: 21st Nov, 2008

Let us pray for
Curing my best friend of the physical pain that is tormenting her day and night. That has forced her to stop living her normal life. Cease her pain god, and return her to her ebullient self again.

Bringing back the happiness in the life of my other friend both on the personal and proffesional fronts. He deserves all the happiness after what he has given to the world. Let it echo back to him.

Let my college friend get the love of his life. A love that he has chased for the last 5 years without even seeing her or even talking to her. If true love exists, this is it. He has already passed the acid test of exhibiting immense patience. Put an end to his longing. Let her know how much he cares. And let there be a reciprocation of love.

They await your blessings! Let us all pray for small miracles to bring in big difference in our lives!


Clifford said...

May the Great Lord answer all of these prayers .... Amen!

shreyans said...

I will pray along with you...

AMITA said...

u r gr8 sweet... as cliff and shreyans say.. i also say... may god answer all ur prayers..Amen.
He is not saying or doing nething for us.. and i there has to be end for certain things.. so i beg god to give all the happiness and satisfaction to my lovely friends here.. All these days he was simply looking and making happy bad ppl.. now its our turn.. and now he has to and has to look at all of us. after all we are his children.. he can't avoid us for long time..
I pray god to listen our prayers. we don't want wealth.. we want happiness and tension free life.. :-)

Clifford said...

I agree with you Amita. Wealth is there today, gone tomorrow, back again. Happiness is what matters. Ketaki has rightly prayed for happiness and well being. And praying for others is really something.
My small advice to you guys is also pray when you don't want something from God. Pray everyday and just thank God for what all he has given us. For example, he has given us such great friends right! And he must have thought about it when he made people like us friends who come from diferent backgrounds, places etc.
May all of you (including me LOL) cherish what we have :-)

Nishant said...

May lord answer your prayers and may the miracle take place to make life better!!

And for the record its not 5 years its 8 years!!

iron_maiden said...

Hey guys we will pray for all who need prayers. Dont you think it makes us more happy to think about the well-beign of others and pray together! I think its a good way to give eachother strength!
Yes Nishant its 8 long years! Am sure someday your prayers will be answered!
Thanks for such a overwhelming response. All of us will find what we seek someday!


Clifford said...

And we don't seek much, just simple happiness :-)

AMITA said...

Amen!! all will get soon what they want. And we r truly innocent.. we r not asking god for wealth or nething big.. just simple happiness and good job and in short simple demands that god can sure fulfill with.. hehe... i pray again to god that all who r praying here get there respective dreams or wishes done on asap basis pulease... god hope u r listening me.. love u god.. Amen :-)