Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is the Reason to Die Good Enough?

The other day I was browsing thru some of my old School Photographs. Its been 10 long years since I left School. And I spotted a friend. She was a very talented singer and was so intelligent that the school expected her to bag a rank in the merit list. This however did not happen. We met again in XI when we studied at Karnavat Coaching Classes. This girl who was so talented, plunged to her death from her terrace just because she couldn't fare well in her CA Entrance when we were in our First Year B. Com. I am sure it was an impulsive decision. How can someone just give away their life for one trivial bad experience. What I learnt much later was many people are driven to the point of no return and take such random decisions every single day. This is one of My Poems in an effort to change the mind of at least One such person who is on the verge of self-destruction. Because even though life may not please us always but it is a precious gift. No pain or person is deserving enough to sacrifice ones life for. The poem is in 5 parts. Each part symbolizes a different thought process!

This one is dedicated to you my Late Friend! So Long.......

Is the Reason to Die Good Enough?

His Story: Failure
His grades topped him in the high school
And the burden of expectations grew
manifold on him after that…
His marks became the object of his family’s pride
His parent’s beaming ego went on a complete joy ride
But due to his negligence his grades plummeted
And when he flunked his engineering entrance
With dashed hope and the pain of failure being unbearable
He could not meet them but more importantly himself in the eye
And he felt it was a reason good enough for him to die
One morning without anybody’s notice
He plunged to his death from his family home
His home- the place where once his presence
was celebrated was now cast under a pall of gloom
His parents who were left less shocked and more ashamed
Will regret the pressure they put on him all their life
But what was the use to contemplate their actions now
Its better that they swallow their grief and heave a sigh!
For their doomed peer pressure
Spelt a reason good enough for him to die

Her Story: Heart Break
She had everything that could set the ball rolling…
Beauty, intelligence, confidence, education and all
She have had always so many people around her
Waiting to be-friend her for her kindness and charm
Her down to earth sweet demeanor left impressed one and all
She was a different person until she met him in that fall
He floored her with his compassion and swooned her with the beauty of his tall claims
He showed her pink dreams of love and laced them with golden promises of marriage
She drooled over her knight in shining armour
Thought he was the one to bail her out when she was a damsel in distress
Little did she know that he was the guy who would leave her happy heart in a wreck
And walk off to be a prince of someone new, to be with somebody else..
And this was a reason potent enough for her to die
She cried incessantly for she thought nothing worth living was left anymore
She wondered what a fool she was to believe someone
Who could easily breach her trust and forget her instantly like she never existed atall
Then she decided she was too innocent to survive in this cunning world
She sang of Juliet and drank a venomous drink to forever cease her pain
Her prince is happy with his life now….has his new princess in his tow
Her pain and suffering is dead and so is she!
For her ripped to shreds broken heart
accorded her a reason good enough to die

The aftermath

For Him: Coward

He is dead now…He will not return
He will have no opportunity to undo what’s done
He will not see the smile of his loved ones
He will not be a reason to be their pride
No…not any longer
He could have given his life a reprimanding of sort
He could have fared better the next time
Now there is no next time
No…Not any longer
His parents hide their tear-dried face
For every time someone stares at them
They say, these are the people who gave birth to a coward
Who cracked up for one fickle failure which was under his control
When he could have easily given himself another chance…but is it possible now
No…Not any longer

For Her: Futile
She is asleep, her slumber is beyond the recall of time
And she wont get up even if her prince comes by
What was it that she derived out of this reckless abandon of life
A proof of how true her love was or an evidence of sheer cowardice
She couldn’t bear living without someone
Someone whom she never understood that she was better off without
Why give up something as precious as ones life
For someone who doesn’t care even an ounce for it otherwise
If she had wallowed her pain and healed her heart
And lived to see a beautiful day……..
Her life wouldn’t have been a tragedy
but a story of will and strength..
She gave her life for him…
For someone who thought nothing more of it but “Futile”

The Thought: Escapism
Both He and She sought solace in the arms of death
When they could have done so much more…
Instead of turning a deaf ear to the call of life…
They thought these reasons were good enough to die
Because for them
Giving up was much easier than hanging on…………….


Nilesh said...

Why do we live & what is the purpose of life ? You have nicely expressed the lack of answer's to these questions for the boy n the girl. Most of us neither have answers but are equally cowards to drink the venom n commit suicide. Now why dont you write a peom on the reason d'etre of life so that we get some answers to these questions ?

Saurabh said...

hmm... it was pretty early morning, i was still in my bed feeling lazy and i saw update on your blog so i opened... the title "Is the Reason to Die Good Enough?" made me very upset... the first thing came in my mind when i read the starting of poem "whts wrong with megh???" the first two para made me feel sick and nervous... but to my surprise in next part there was something different, something which made me feel good... it is soothing... it is very good poem rather a lesson that everyone should learn and remember in tough time...
"Giving up was much easier than hanging on..." the thought of escapism is simply great... tells truth, answers who is brave, defines courage...
i would like to add a quote for losers, who want to give up... "If fate means you to lose, give it a good fight anyhow..." at least you won't regret that you didn't fight...
cheers megh... keep writing like this... i enjoy it...

ameya said...
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ameya said...

Really inspiring poem.I just hope more and more people read this beautiful poem so that it will help the FIGHTER lying dormant inside them to come out strong and defeat the COWARD who knows nothing else but self destruction,
who has temporarily taken control of their mind.

Milind Naphade said...

Way go, Ketaki!