Sunday, May 16, 2010


I stand in front of the mirror
Look at me,
Not a hint of who I was years ago
Smile, should I or just shrug the idea of change

Am here but am not
somewhere in your thoughts always lost
A lot of "Why" raise a personal hell
And then I remember the sweetness of your smell

However hard have I tired
to forget you and our footfalls
I will never love anyone ever again......
Coz I can't think of getting over your pain......

I cacoon myself from the world outside
Bracing my soul tightly inside
Like a candle dwindling in the aggressive wind
I put up a fight for my "me" to survive

Every heart beat cries your name..
I am suppose to hate you ain't I?
In the exact same way you hate me..
But look, how miserably I fail every time

You failed to forgive and I fail to forget
Living in today but not letting go of yesterday!!
Love is a strange word
And so is all the memorabilia attached with it

By Me!

Venue: Lakadi Pool, Pune
7 Pm
23rd May, 2010

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Saurabh said...

काय हे मेघ??? खुप दुखावणारं लिहलयस...