Monday, September 6, 2010


This is a poem dedicated to all who have helped me to hold myself together in my “Not so good days”.

I just want to say a big

For standing strong - through the arid desert of my testing times
When life was not calling my name
And with every breath – my beaten soul was drifting far away

For infusing life blood
When every ounce of energy had drained
In a longing that was never to be mine

For wiping my weary eyes
When the harmful sandstorms of blames
Brought tears to their dreamlessness

For keeping hope afloat
When every promise drowned in dismay
Killing me for innumerable times

For keeping the candle burning
When the sadness seemed to last for eternity
Even on long dark star-less nights

For bringing back my lost smile
When the meaning of happiness had altered
And I had forgotten the cheerier side of life

For helping me believe in myself
When for days I quit to be me
Because I was afraid of non-conformity

For making my days special
When I waited for all the occasions
Worthlessly for someone to come back

For talking to me tirelessly
When pain didn’t accord me sweet sleep of peace
And tore my dreams into a thousand splinters

For helping me regain the spring in my step
When I couldn’t stand on my own feet
Defeated and desolated by myself

For tracing back my extinct worth
When I was rendered worthless
Good for nothing by the one who was closest of all

For being my support system
When I needed someone to understand and appreciate me
And not judge me by my short-comings

For understanding my failure
When everyone pointed fingers
And did not bother to be considerate

For helping me recover
When I could not get over the mirage of my loss
And kept wandering in search of a respite

Really, thank you for this and everything else
But more importantly……

For Welcoming me back with open arms,
When I thought I had nowhere to go
And it took a while for me to realize that I had finally come back home….

- By Me!


rajiv said...

आपल्यासाठी पुढे आलेल्या हातांची उब लक्षात ठेवून
त्यांचे आभार इतरांकडे मानणे हि एक खूप मोठी गोष्ट आहे.
( ती पण ओघवत्या इंग्रजीत .... म्हणजे एकदमच मोठी )
हे शिवधनुष्य तू लीलया पेललेस ! मनापासून अभिनंदन !

यावरून मला माझ्या एका कवी मित्राची आठवण झाली
कै. निरंजन उझगरे.(ठाण्यातलाच) दिवसभरात ज्यांनी ज्यांनी त्यiच्यासाठी काही चांगले केले असेल
त्यांचे, त्याच्या `प्रभू' जवळ जाऊन, अशा माणसाची वाखाणणी करून,
त्यांच्या भल्यासाठी प्रार्थना करीत असे.
व हे तो घरात गेल्या गेल्या लगेच सर्व उपस्थितांच्या समोर करीत असे.
( स्वतःच्या चुकांसाठी क्षमा पण मागत असे ....)

मला तर तू व तुझे लिखाण तसेच वाटतेय .... एकदम आरपार.. स्वच्छ ...!
खूप खूप छान आहे लिखाण .. !

आम्हाला इंग्रजी समजते पण सौंदर्याने नटवता येत नाही , तुझ्याप्रमाणे ...... :(
(म्हणून हा प्रपंच)

rajiv said...
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