Wednesday, November 24, 2010

About Me ????

Trust me I have been struggling very hard for the last few months to compile the about me section of my blog, my facebook and my twitter accounts.

Every time I have scribed something, I have deleted it – thanks to “Not so satisfactorily” me.

I never had to struggle so much talking about myself than I have now! Everything seems like a distant figment of imagination! Leaving the pertinent question still very much unanswered and open for contemplation.


In my odyssey years, I was addicted to participating in personality contests at intercollegiate level.

Often, one common question would be asked:

Describe yourself in one word.

My by-hearted answer used to be pronto :

VERSATILE – Coz I could dance, act, host shows, write good scripts, compile poems and manage events

Two days back someone out of the blue asked me the same question:

Describe yourself in one word.

Without re-visiting the memories of yester-years, the answer that I gave was so direct dilse that it left me surprised to a certain extent.

I said :

REBELLIOUS – Coz I am at war with myself!!

It’s strange how age and experience changes one and ones outlook!

I have learnt the most about myself and my chemistry with others only in the last 3 years of my life. These years have been very formative and constructive. They have practically driven me to the brink of a strong metamorphosis. – the changed person I am now.

I owe a lot of ME to these years.

A few years back I could easily compile an articulate and elaborate description of me– because I thought all those long sentences and fancy adjectives were me! But trust me they weren't.

Now I think there is still a lot of room left to re-explore myself and my depths. To challenge myself, to innovate and to grow!!

And, someday I will know myself well! I will be able to describe myself in the About me section – just the way I am and just the way I wanted it to be!


सौरभ said...

u r Versatile, u r the best and u r my bestest friend...
u r Rebellious, u r the best and u r my bestest friend...
u r just the way u r, just the way u want to be and u r the still the best will be the best and u r bestest friend of me and always be...

(: (: (: SMILE :) :) :)

अनघा said...

Nice....I think we should never know ourselves fully... surprise is always the best! :)