Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Universal Language

Torn is a man from man by blinding walls barring concord
Distinguished by borders, distorted by races
Discriminated by the color of skin, religion and language

When terrorism strikes, the then dormant humanity awakens
The dead are treated only as “dead”, casualties claimed sadly by grave fanaticism
They are statistics - grieved over as a loss of the world and not just a nation

Why do we need terror to unite us, to remind us that we are all at par after all?
Why do we wait for the extremists to make us realize our collective force and strength?
Why is our united power consequential to the pent-up anger post terror attacks?

Why can’t our children be brought up with the dreams of a safe and united world?
All the countries together - the rich, the able, the developed, the developing, the pawn and the player
Recognizing and restoring just one common dialect – replacing the universal language of pain with peace forever

By Me!

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Anonymous said...

This stuff is totally impressive! Your blog is one of its kind...i guess, just as you are :)!