Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life’s big lesson in a Small scoop!! 9

For US…the not so perfect people

“Bridget Jones, I like you just the way you are” , these words by Mark Darcy make the “imperfect to the boot” Bridget fall in love with him. (Book/Film adaptation: Bridget Jones Diary) But hold on, when it comes to social acceptance not everyone is as lucky as Bridget!!

Food For thought:
1. Have you been force-fed with the idea that you are borderline fat and you may cross it soon if you don’t spring into an “exercise action” right away?

2. Or you are probably just a liposuction, silicone implants, a nose job, a tummy tuck, a face lift, a hair weave, a teeth alignment, a dental veneer pasting- practically an entire body plastic surgery away from the Miss Universe title

3. Or unnecessary attention has been garnered by the fact that you earn probably far lesser than the fancy six figure salaries raked in by your contemporaries

4. Or maybe you have become a magnet for attracting public humiliation by eating your fill instead of nibbling at small tit-bits of food to display health conscious lady like appearance

5. Or you have to be dressed immaculately in a designer piece and something from the road is a carnal fashion crime.

6. Or defamed as the messiest person to walk this earth and that a porcupine cage is cleaner than your cupboard.

7. Or accused of suffering from practical dementia and questioned on the existence of your IQ because you prefer to read books instead of watching cricket

Most of us lesser perfect people might have been put into such a “spot” at some or the other point in time by people who are blessed with perfectness.

In my opinion, the most uncomfortable experience comes from the fact that others are not as comfortable as you are with yourself.

Peer Pressure to “CONFORM”A non-conformist (I choose to use this phrase than imperfect) is a person who stands by his own choices and lives life on his own terms not swayed or restricted by the “accepted norms” of social behavior.

We practically spend more than half of our lives judging others while the remaining we spend fretting on our imperfectness. Sometimes this self induced doubt of one’s own comfort forces him/her to be the person he/she unwillingly while other times non-conformists often ends up in depression. However, some imperfections like addictions, bad company and bad habits need to be changed for sure!!!

A few tips how to combat Imperfectness:

1. Ignorance is Bliss - This is the only way one can come to peace with one self. Just ignore the people who keeping seeing only whats bad in you and keep forgetting your good points.

2. First of all, we should stop comparing ourselves with the way others are and try to seek our own identity before complaining about what we lack.

3. Everyone has small special gifts of talent which one must explore before thinking there is no space for us to EXIST on this earth

4. The best part is find like minded people/forums who care less about how socially viable you are and value your true self – JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!

Just be yourself….It’s fun!!!


Ruchita said...

Nice :)
I am glad to know that there are many more Non-conformists in this world.

In a perfect world you will be accepted for what you are rather than who you can be or will be! It will be really great if people accept you warts and all!! But all that is just wishful thinking...

We spend a sizable chunk of life trying to conform to acceptable behavior, looks or status. Then we rebel and try being a non-conformist(I just love the term!) Not that it is accepted. The transition period depends on how badly you want to be your own person.

The day when I will become a non-conformist is a long way ahead but it sure helps to know that there are more not-so-perfect people out there...

Here's to all the like minded people out there... Cheers Guys!!

श्रीराज said...

Very well said, I. Maiden!

Aakash said...

KeJo! You make me proud! :)

btw, i dont see new poems up here.