Monday, December 19, 2011


i am: stronger than I thought.
i think: Everyone deserves to live life on their own terms
i know: I am blessed with a rock solid will power and a well developed emotional immune system
i want: to plant a few more trees in my garden and get myself a pet
i have: the best parents and brother in this world
i wish: life was not such a difficult task master after all
i hate: the fickle emotion of love and being underestimated
i miss: …………………..
i fear: being judged wrongly
i feel:
the pain and happiness of others
i hear: voices from the days gone by!
i smell: success in a work well done
i crave: direly to be liked, respected and accepted by all.
i search: to find the raison d’être of my life
i wonder: what would life be if I erased 2005-2009?
i regret: falling in love
i love: to hate love
i ache: for the loss that stole away my smile
i care: for my valuable people
…i always: loved you…you never believed me
i am not: the person someone portrayed me to be
i believe: in God, Karma, Hardwork and reasons to hate love
i dance: to relive myself of stress…it is my favorite stress buster
i sing: to myself…with my i-pod blaring Sandip Khare and Salil Kulkarni in my ears
i cry: not for everything but for a deserving cause
i don’t always: claim to be right and perfect, especially when I know I am wrong
i fight: very hard to prove my worth every single day in every single role that I play
i write: about my observations, experiences and a lot of technical stuff being the managing editor of two technical in-house magazines…
i win: not just when my work is appreciated but I feel rewarded when I get an opportunity to do more.
i lose: gracefully
i never: really got over someone.
i confuse: smooth talk with goodness
i listen: to my head and no longer to my heart
i can usually be found: working, writing, editing and reading
i am scared: of people who are scheming and heartless…they just CANNOT be trusted
i need:
The French book Fleurs du mal by Charles Baudelaire. It is a composition of his best French poems.
i am happy about: the fact that life meets a full circle

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Who is this 'someone' :P?