Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Life's Big lesson in a Small Scoop! 8

Sometimes the strong cogent reason, call it a purpose, raison d’etre, goal or motive of our life is missing. And we end up wandering, trying out things: hitting: jilting: falling: jumping back: regaining our path. At a point all the meandering seems meaningless and worthless. It is we who complicate our lives, if we know what we are heading for we will fabricate our actions accordingly. But if we are clueless we face a bumpy ride all the way. And then we have to settle for certain things which are beyond our Scope of preference ---and accept it responsibly as our destination or blame it loosely on our destiny!

…..By Me!

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Clifford said...

I am not aiming randomly. I know what I want. Question is, can you help me!