Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weird but Wonderful! 2

Act of Kindness!!
Today a strange incident happened! At about 7 pm I was loitering in the Panch Pakadi Area of Thane with my parents visiting some furniture shops to locate the perfect shoe rack ever!! We were enjoying our usual chats, occasionally checking out the decoration in the display windows for the new year. When I spotted a completely nude man on the road! Many chose to ignore his existence, some made disgusting faces at him, few winced at his sorry state and a handful of them laughed on his face!
The man whose skin had been darkened and completely tanned was speaking to himself! It looked as if this poor insane soul had no idea that he was completely monty with no piece of clothing to cover even his bare essentials!!
He was meandering in his own mindless fervour when a young man in his early twenties came on his bike! He had got something for the man. It was a shirt and a pant! He gave it to the poor man! The man smiled! We had passed them both till that time. I do not know whether our person in question wore the clothes brought by our hero!!
I do not know whether this act was out of shame or charity! In an age when no one has the time or the thought process to think about helping others, this youth had chosen to step up and help this poor insane fellow! I felt a sense of immense respect and gratitude towards him!!It is sad and ironic to recollect how many of us stop by to help people even though we have the capability to do so? What the youth did was highly commendable! May God Bless the youth for his act of kindness!


Clifford said...

Yeah God Bless him, truly.

karan said...

u said if cliffy ...

Aakash said...

so what i heard about the land-dwelling kindness machine really exists!!