Saturday, January 24, 2009

Just a thought!

Its 3 am of a lazy January Sunday morning and I am sitting here browsing net because I am not sleepy, while my winap player is playing Tere Naina from Chandani Chowk to China for the 11th time I am sipping a hot cuppa of coffee. Just a thought rushed my mind now and I decided that I should pen it right away. When I was in sixth standard, our English teacher had taught us that all animals including man adapt to their surroundings sooner or later. That means they adjust to the changing environments by bringing a metamorphosis in themselves. For example Man turned to Homo Sapiens Sapiens from Ape when the climate of earth changed for survival reasons.
I had been suddenly jolted into a "situation" 8 months ago for which I need to travel up and down Thane-Pune several times a month. Its amazing how when I am in Thane I do not remember or recollect anything of Pune and vice versa. I think this was something that was missing all these years. The attitude to behave like a Roman when in Rome.I have started treating places, people, events and behaviour in isolation. There is a certain level of subjectivity and depth that has come to my thinking! Its amazing how our brain compartmentalises certain memories for good so that we can feel comfortable, at ease, attentive and at home wherever we are. When put in a different environment you go back to the cat combs of your memories and adapt again to your current situation! I don't know how it happens but it does for sure. When at home I do not think of Pune, work, loads of friends, loss etc when I am in Pune I don't have the time to think about home! Its like I live in and out of my two private microcosms such that when in either of them I forget the other. It fascinates me how we can live in harmony with our inner self even in altered surroundings and continue our pursuit of living and loving every second of it!

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karan said...

again .. HOW Koool Yar ... every blog entry of urs amazes me ... good goin gurl ..