Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Sincere Request!

26th Jan, 2009- Today is our Republic day. Our Tiranga will proudly flutter everywhere in Indian and abroad with its head held high. Inspite of what occurred in November this year it will stand high as if chalenging the offenders, showing them how we have won against voilence. And how we strongly triumph even in the most critical of conditions.

But come tommorrow, and the most offensive of direspect will be shown to it. Pople will trample in under their feet, throw it on roads and even tear it recklessly without thinking about the dignity of our National Flag!

I sincerely request you to treat our Flag with the highest epitome of respect it deserves to be given. Let us strive to not subject it to such abandoning and disrespect. So many Martrys have given their lives for its pride. It is afterall an object of our pride, integrity and affection. It is our duty to pay due respect to it! Our National Flag is more or less an integral part of every Indian ever born! Jai Hind!

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Clifford said...

Very true :-) Jai Hind