Thursday, February 5, 2009

Act of Kindness 2

Dear Friends,

I being an ardent animal lover, take this opportunity to congratulate our friend Aakash for the exhibition of immense compassion and humility. He has rescued this Pariah Kite which was stuck in the air conditioner of a building. He then fed it, gave it some water and looked after it carefully until it could fly on its own and be sky bound again.

I think we all should appreciate this huge act of kindness! Gr8 work done Aakash! In times when humans do not have inclination for helping their own kin, you have proved to be a welcome exception and have gone out of your way to rush to the beck and call of a helpless bird.

It’s people like you who embody the lasting relics of the almost extinct humanity! We all know you are an amazing person! We all are so very proud of you! Keep up the good work dear!

Best Regards,


Clifford said...

God Bless Aakash :-)

Saurabh said...

shabbas re bandya... tu jashi Bhut-Daya dakhawlis tashi udya loka tujyavar pan dakhavtil... [:P][:)]

karan said...

God Bless u Dude !

वरुण वैद्य said...

मस्त रे आकाश! नाव सार्थक केलेस.

आकाशाचे नाते पक्षांशी असणारच की..

तुकाराम महाराजांनी म्हंटलेच आहे..

आकाश मंडप पृथिवी आसन ।
रमे तेथें मन क्रीडा करी ॥

वृक्षवल्ली आम्हां सोयरीं वनचरें ।
पक्षीही सुस्वरें आळविती ॥