Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Have you ever heard one of the cheesiest dialogues in Hindi movies- Jiska koi nahi uska to khuda hai yaroon? Jokes apart, I really feel sometimes that someone up there loves me! Time and again strange incidents have re-instated in my belief in this hackneyed statement. I have my own dialogues with god- am angry, am sad, am begging, am praying, am thanking! He’s like a friend who looks after me when my parents are busy! Consider this- I stay alone but am never lonely! I am always surrounded by my relatives, best friends forever, friends form outside, friends from the hostel etc. I never had so many friends if all the 25 years were put together. I am never free; I always have a task or two to do, so my mind is never vacant to pull me into unwanted thoughts. I have attended 4 picnics since May along with family and friends to wonderful places like Roha, Kolhapur, Mahabaleshwar and Lonavala and the number of parties is simply unending. I have attended so many seminars and special programmes in the last 8 months on varied topics ranging from Management to near death experience. Independence is something that I am high strung on these days…and it has all translated itself so effortlessly. I am comfortable around all kinds of people, in spite of our differences. Every moment is like a blessing, am learning so much more!! It’s like a sea change has occurred without putting me into a difficult situation of adjusting to it abrasively. It has rather acted like a catalyst by infusing me with a high-strength mechanism to fight the odds! I guess all this has happened because God wants me to grow, to learn from my shortcomings and work towards overcoming them. Two small incidents that have happened since yesterday made me really ponder on my faith in him!

Yesterday, I was chillaxing at hostel after completing my usual chores. I was very hungry and felt a my stomach cringing to eat sweet shira(my taste buds were craving for it since Wednesday). I was praying god that I some how get it. I decided to cook it for myself and was about to go and get all the special material that it required when my friend called me and said something that made me jump with joy! She told me that our Lunch Tiffins had sweet shira in them and I could have her share as well as she didn’t like it! Isn’t it strange how without saying a word about it, I got what I wanted? I was absolutely flabbergasted. My prayers had been answered! I am using a quote that Akshata used some days back on Face book……it was as if from my mouth to gods ears! Its amazing how in small ways you find someone always there beside you to give you courage, wisdom and strength. Of course I ate the Shira stomach full! In times when I have least expected it God has sent an angel or two to bail me out of problems and longings!

Another one occurred at about 4 am today! Nilesh- Neelambari( I have named them because they are soooo much in loveeeee) is a pair of Blue love birds. My friend Pradnya got them a few months back and everyone dotes on them. They are a pair of very chirpy & happy birds and everyone loves to see their funny antics. Today morning at about 4 am. I could hear loud sounds of their wings fluttering as if they were calling for us. When I woke to see, I saw Massakali( Again don’t mistake him for a demure pigeon from Delhi 6. Our Hostel’s Massakali is a dangerous fat orange and white tom cat) pushing their cage with both its paws. Probably the cat was in a mood for an early morning breakfast. For the past many days we had observed him sitting with his eyes glued to the cage. He had sneaked inside the room from an open window and was about to eat them. I got up and drove it out! Felt good for the birdies. Till the time I left for office both of them were so traumatized that they huddled together in a corner. I could see how deeply they must have prayed when death stared hungrily in their face! How I woke from my slumber is also very surprising since I had slept very late the other nite after reading Mein Kempf! But I know one thing for sure, God answered their prayers! Yes! He did!

Few other good things to be happy about

Mama has got a new kitty kitten called crazzzzzzzzzzy who I absolutely love coz she matches exactly like Bajirao(my cat who passed away last year)Clifford my dear friend has finally got a good job after searching for so many months. You made I Cliffy!!!1 And that’s because of his relentless struggle and God’s Blessings. Banoo has fully recovered from her hospitalization from severe indigestion and back problem! Bhai’s gota new passion pro which my uncle is going to teach me to ride………swanky isn’t it?????

He gives us so much when we don’t ask for it or many times after asking for it! But we always blame God when he doesn’t give us what we want. How selfish of us!

So I just want to thank you God, for stepping in right when all of us wanted you the most! And for fulfilling our wishes! Thanks so much! And you know this but I will still say it! Love you God, so very much!


Saurabh said...

Tathastu... [:)]

Clifford said...

Well written again Keks. Yeah God gives us many things without us actually asking for them. And this is the fact that we don't value things accordingly. And invariably we end up blaming God when we don't get something we want.
Lemme add to this. Most of us pray to God with complete dedication when we want something. How many times do we pray to God just to thank Him for what all He has given us. Also pray just in remembrance that there is an Almighty up above looking upon us. Think about it!
But we are humans, not God, hence we aren't perfect and will never be. But remembering God as often as we can for the great life that He has given us is the least we can do.

Asro said...

Hey hi

Nice Thanx giving there. Btw i liked you creativity with 'names' to those pets. 'Ek se badkar ek' names. Massskali, nilesh-nilaambari, Crazzzzzzzy names. But felt more nice that your spirits are back anf high. keep it rolling and of course praying