Thursday, January 19, 2012

English just KICKED THE BUCKET! 3

Ok so here goes another one – this one made Shakespeare turn in his grave

The victim- the word " Familiar"

Which means- adjective. intimate - acquainted - conversant – close

One of my friends commits this carnal sin over and over again.

Familiar has nothing to do with “being family oriented”

The other day while returning home in the bus Ms. D said – “My husband is a very familiar person and takes good care of our family.”

I had my ROFL moment of the day and started giggling…

My sweet friend didn’t understand what was the joke in her husband looking after their family.

I explained her the meaning of what she had just said and we both started giggling together.

I hope I come across more such funny ‘FAMILIAR’ gaffes!



सौरभ said...

=)) hehehe...

Aakash Gupte said...

oh my....

Anonymous said...

That sounds, quite, erm, Familiar!