Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gentleman in a Tuxedo

Meet Vithoba  aka Vithu Maau aka Bagad Billa, the kitten who was not bigger than a small sparrow when rescued by my uncle- Sanjeev Joshi.

He was named Vithoba because he was found on the auspicious occasion of Ekadashi!

Stray dogs had killed his mother and brother. Little Vithu who was barely a few days old was roaming aimlessly along the road, when my uncle brought him home. He could have become an easy prey to dogs, crows, eagles and other tom cats had he been left on the road to die.
Initially, Vithu was so small that he could easily fit in my uncle's pocket. He did not have fur and looked as though he had got some kind of skin disease.
Nevertheless, due to the tender care and attention of my uncle, aunt and little brother Vithu Maau has grown into a beautiful tom cat.
He now has a lovely fur in smoky black colour with dark black waves on his back. He has got shiny golden eyes which look like molten metal from a foundry ( Spare my metaphors- working with manufacturing conglomerates for 4 years have "engineerized" my thinking :-) It is fun to watch how Vithu Maau keeps himself and others entertained around the house.
Over 8 months now with Joshi family, Vithu Maau looks like a sophisticated Gentleman in a Tuxedo.

This act of kindness is worth taking a note of!


Nilesh said...

Incidentally, the realisation about whether its a He Vithu or She Vithu came a bit late as Mama got him very during his neonatal stage. Now, he is grown up & become very naughty.

सौरभ said...

मेघ...... हाऽऽऽहाऽऽऽहाऽऽऽ बोक्याचं नाव "विठोबा"!!!! खल्लास... पहिलं वाक्य वाचुन लोटपोट... लोळा...

सौरभ said...

oops.. I forgot to appreciate the act of kindness... kudos :)